Go based Time-Series DB

A scalable, distributed, high performance, high availability Time Series Database, written in #golang

What is LinDB? LinDB(“Lin” stands for wisdom in Shanghainese) is a open-source Time Series Database which provides high performance, high availability and horizontal scalability. https://github.com/eleme/lindb High-performance LinDB takes a lot of best practice of TSDB and implements some optimizations based on the characteristics of time series data. Unlike writing a lot of Continuous-Query for InfluxDB, […]

A flow-based process engine implementation for processing event-driven requests. #golang

Project Flogo is an ultra-light, Go-based open source ecosystem for building event-driven apps. Event-driven, you say? Yup, the notion of triggers and actions are leveraged to process incoming events. An action, a common interface, exposes key capabilities such as application integration, stream processing, etc. App = Trigger(s) + Actions[&Activities] Triggers receive data from external sources. […]

Simple, scalable and secure application segmentation, #golang

Trireme, an open-source library curated by Aporeto to provide cryptographic isolation for cloud-native applications. Trireme-lib is a Zero-Trust networking library that makes it possible to setup security policies and segment applications by enforcing end-to-end authentication and authorization without the need for complex control planes or IP/port-centric ACLs and east-west firewalls. https://github.com/aporeto-inc/trireme-lib Trireme-lib supports both containers […]

Distributed, lock-free, self-hosted health checks and status pages. #golang based #monitoring

Checkup is distributed, lock-free, self-hosted health checks and status pages, written in Go. https://github.com/sourcegraph/checkup It features an elegant, minimalistic CLI and an idiomatic Go library. They are completely interoperable and their configuration is beautifully symmetric. Checkup was created by Matt Holt, author of the Caddy web server. It is maintained and sponsored by Sourcegraph. If […]

A multi-host clustered implementation of the open storage specification, #golang

OpenStorage is an API abstraction layer providing support for multiple public APIs, including the OpenStorage SDK, CSI, and the Docker Volume API. Developers using OpenStorage for their storage systems can expect it to work seamlessly with any of the supported public APIs. These implementations provide users with the ability to run statefule services in Linux […]

A modern, scalable, secure open source and patent-free IoT cloud platform written in Go. #golang

Mainflux is modern, scalable, secure open source and patent-free IoT cloud platform written in Go. It accepts user, device, and application connections over various network protocols (i.e. HTTP, MQTT, WebSocket, CoAP), thus making a seamless bridge between them. It is used as the IoT middleware for building complex IoT solutions. Features Multi-protocol connectivity and protocol […]

An open source multi-cloud control plane, written in #golang

https://github.com/crossplaneio/crossplane Crossplane is an open source Golang written multi-cloud control plane. It introduces workload and resource abstractions on-top of existing managed services that enables a high degree of workload portability across cloud providers. A single cross-plane enables the provisioning and full-life-cycle management of services and infrastructure across a wide range of providers, offerings, vendors, regions, […]