A Golang based fast and secure open-source backup/restore tool

Golang Backup

Kopia is a fast and secure open-source backup/restore tool that allows you to create encrypted snapshots of your data and save the snapshots to remote or cloud storage of your choice, to network-attached storage or server, or locally on your machine. Kopia does not ‘image’ your whole machine. Rather, Kopia allows you to backup/restore any and all files/directories that you deem important or critical.

Kopia has both CLI (command-line interface) and GUI (graphical user interface) versions, making it the perfect tool for both advanced and regular users. You can read more about Kopia’s unique features — which include compressiondeduplicationend-to-end ‘zero knowledge’ encryption, and error correction — to get a better understanding of how Kopia works.

When ready, head to the installation page to download and install Kopia, and make sure to read the Getting Started Guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use Kopia.

Pick the Cloud Storage Provider You Want

Kopia supports saving your encrypted and compressed snapshots to all of the following storage locations:

  • Amazon S3 and any cloud storage that is compatible with S3
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Backblaze B2
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Any remote server or cloud storage that supports WebDAV
  • Any remote server or cloud storage that supports SFTP
  • Some of the cloud storage options supported by Rclone
    • Requires you to download and setup Rclone in addition to Kopia, but after that Kopia manages/runs Rclone for you
    • Rclone support is experimental: not all the cloud storage products supported by Rclone have been tested to work with Kopia, and some may not work with Kopia; Kopia has been tested to work with DropboxOneDrive, and Google Drive through Rclone
  • Your local machine and any network-attached storage or server
  • Your own server by setting up a Kopia Repository Server

And Kopia uses data deduplication to save you money! Read the repositories help page for more information on supported storage locations.

With Kopia you’re in full control of where to store your snapshots; you pick the cloud storage you want to use. Kopia plays no role in selecting your storage locations. You must provision and pay (the storage provider) for whatever storage locations you want to use, and then tell Kopia what those storage locations are. The advantage of decoupling the software (i.e., Kopia) from storage is that you can use whatever storage locations you desire -– it makes no difference to Kopia what storage you use. You can even use multiple storage locations if you want to, and Kopia also supports backing up multiple machines to the same storage location.

Kopia in Action

Using Kopia via command-line interface: