A Golang-based in-browser database IDE & CLI for your dev/data workflows

in-browser database IDE & CLI

Slashbase is a modern in-browser database IDE & CLI for your dev/data workflows. Use Slashbase to connect to any of your databases, browse data and schema, write, run and save queries, and create charts, right from your browser. Supports PostgreSQL and MongoDB.


  •  Browser & CLI based: Use as IDE in your browser or as CLI in the terminal.
  •  Modern Interface: With a modern interface, it is easy to use.
  •  Quick Browse: Quickly filter, sort & browse data and schema with a low-code UI.
  •  Save Queries: Write and Save queries to re-run in the future.
  •  Create Charts: Create charts from your query results.
  •  Projects: Organise all database connections into various projects.
  •  Query Cheatsheets: Search for query commands right inside IDE, no need to search online when you forget query syntax.
  •  Database Support: PostgreSQL and MongoDB.