Writing a Static Blog Generator in #golang

Cool Blog Post about writing a static blog generator with Go. https://zupzup.org/static-blog-generator-go/ A static-site-generator is a tool which, given some input (e.g. markdown) generates a fully static website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Code: https://github.com/zupzup/blog-generator Share This:

gh-ost: GitHub’s online schema migration for #MySQL, written in #golang

https://github.com/github/gh-ost gh-ost is a triggerless online schema migration solution for MySQL. It is testable and provides pausability, dynamic control/reconfiguration, auditing, and many operational perks. gh-ost produces a light workload on the master throughout the migration, decoupled from the existing workload on the migrated table. It has been designed, developed in golang, based on years of […]