A @golang object document mapper (ODM) for #MongoDB

The mongodm package is an object document mapper (ODM) for mongodb written in Go which uses the official mgo adapter. https://github.com/zebresel-com/mongodm Features 1:1, 1:n struct relation mapping and embedding call Save(),Update(), Delete() and Populate() directly on document instances call Select(), Sort(), Limit(), Skip() and Populate() directly on querys validation (default and custom with regular expressions) followed by translated error list (customizable) population instruction possible before and after

Kafka implemented in #golang with built-in coordination (No ZK dep, single binary install)

Implement Kafka in Go Protocol compatible with Kafka so Kafka clients and services work with Jocko Make operating simpler Distribute a single binary Use Serf for discovery, Raft for consensus (and remove the need to run ZooKeeper) Smarter configuration settings Able to use percentages of disk space for retention policies rather than only bytes and

Jaeger is a Distributed Tracing System in #golang

Jaeger, inspired by Dapper and OpenZipkin, is a distributed tracing system released as open source by Uber Technologies and written in Golang . https://github.com/uber/jaeger It can be used for monitoring microservice-based architectures: Distributed context propagation Distributed transaction monitoring Root cause analysis Service dependency analysis Performance / latency optimization Share This:

Fast way to deploy a restful api’s with #golang #postgresql and #redis

A fastway to deploy a restful golang api’s with Gin Framework with a structured project that defaults to PostgreSQL database and Redis as the session storage. https://github.com/Massad/gin-boilerplate Configured with go-gorp: Go Relational Persistence RedisStore: Gin middleware for session management with multi-backend support (currently cookie, Redis). Built-in CORS Middleware Feature PostgreSQL 9.6 JSON queries Unit test Share This:

jwtauth – JWT authentication middleware for #golang HTTP services

https://github.com/go-chi/jwtauth The jwtauth http middleware package provides a simple way to verify a JWT token from a http request and send the result down the request context (context.Context). Please note, jwtauth works with any Go http router, but resides under the go-chi group for maintenance and organization – its only 3rd party dependency is the underlying jwt library “github.com/dgrijalva/jwt-go”.

The Event Gateway combines both API Gateway and Pub/Sub functionality into a single event-driven experience. #golang

https://github.com/serverless/event-gateway The Event Gateway combines both API Gateway and Pub/Sub functionality into a single event-driven experience. It’s dataflow for event-driven, serverless architectures. It routes Events (data) to Functions (serverless compute). Everything it cares about is an event! Even calling a function. It makes it easy to share events across different systems, teams and organizations! Use