Open-Falcon, a #golang based Distributed and High-Performance Monitoring System

Open-Falcon is a Distributed and High-Performance Monitoring System, opensource, written in Go.


Scalable monitoring system is necessary to support rapid business growth. Each module of Open-Falcon is super easy to scale horizontally.


With RRA(Round Robin Archive) mechanism, the one-year history data of 100+ metrics could be returned in just one second.

 High Availability

No criticle single point of failure, easy to operate and deploy.


Falcon-agent has already 400+ built-in server metrics. Users can collect their customized metrics by writing plugins or just simply run a script/program to relay metrics to falcon-agent.


For easier management of alerting rules, Open-Falcon supports strategy templating, inheritance, and multiple alerting method, and callback for recovery.

 User-Friendly Dashboard

Open-Falcon could present multi-dimension graph, including user-defined dashboard/screen.