Modern & minimalistic load balancer for the Сloud era, #golang based

For a long time all of us have been using “traditional” load balancers / proxies like nginx, haproxy, and others.

But in modern world balancing become more and more flexible because of environment changes are made more often. Nodes behind load balancer are spawning and disappearing according to load and/or other requirements. Auto scaling and containerization became almost a “silver bullet” in modern IT infrastructure architectures.

In the IP-telephony world DNS SRV records are main mechanism to find out nearest and less loaded call router.

Same situation is in modern microservices world, but unfortunately, there are almost no lb / proxy that has flexible and complete automatic discovery feature. There are lot’s of tricks and workarounds like this.

gobetween is aiming to fill this gap and provide fast, flexible and full-featured load balancing solution for modern microservice architectures.