How to Install Golang on a Raspberry Pi?

Golang is a widely-used programming language. It is open-source software used for general purposes. It is similar to the C programming language. But it is quite used for its memory safety. Also, the Go language is known for its structural typing method. Google supports Golang. As it is quite similar to the C programming language, it is straightforward to learn and understand. Raspberry Pi is a component of the computer. It is a software environment that helps to install programming languages. Also, for using programming languages in Raspberry Pi itself, the Raspberry Pi terminal should be used. Some programming languages are already installed in the Raspberry Pi terminal. After installing the terminal, these programming languages can be easily run. These are Python, C, C++, etc.

Golang Features:

  1. Golang language provides a robust library for working easily.
  2. It is a bit easy to learn & write codes in the Go language.
  3. It provides command-line interfaces, so working with the Go language makes it enjoyable.
  4. As Go provides faster memory use, it can also be used as a web development application.

Installing Go on the Raspberry Pi

Step 1: At first, the terminal of the Raspberry Pi should be opened. Then the below command should be run. This command will help to install the Go language on the machine. This command will first download the Go language; then it will start installing. This command will do two things simultaneously, but it will take some time.

sudo apt install golang


Step 2: Then the below two commands should be run. These commands will configure the installed Go language in the machine. ../


Step 3: Wait for some time for the completion of the configuration. It will take some time.


Step 4: When all the processes are completed, the below two commands should be run. These commands will provide some folder and document names. If these come, then the process is completed successfully.