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Highly scalable Real-time messaging library for Golang

Centrifuge library is a real-time core of the Centrifugo server. It’s also a general-purpose real-time messaging library for Golang programming language. The library is built on top of a strict client-server protocol schema and exposes various real-time oriented primitives for a developer. Centrifuge solves several problems a developer may encounter when building complex real-time applications – like scalability (millions of connections), proper persistent connection management and invalidation, fast reconnect with message recovery and WebSocket fallback option.

Golang Library highlights

For bidirectional communication between a client and a Centrifuge-based server, we have a bunch of client libraries:

If you opt for unidirectional communication, you may leverage Centrifuge possibilities without any specific library on the client-side – simply by using native browser API or GRPC-generated code. See examples of unidirectional communication over GRPCEventSource(SSE)Fetch StreamsWebSocket.

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