#golang push notification server ( #apns / #gcm )

Looking for a APNS/GCM push notification server ?


Gorush, writte in #golang,  features:

  • Support Google Cloud Message (Firebase Cloud Messaging now) using go-gcm library for Android.
  • Support HTTP/2 Apple Push Notification Service using apns2 library.
  • Support YAML configuration.
  • Support command line to send single Android or iOS notification.
  • Support Web API to send push notification.
  • Support graceful restart & zero downtime deploy using facebook grace.
  • Support HTTP/2 or HTTP/1.1 protocol.
  • Support notification queue and multiple workers.
  • Support /api/stat/app show notification success and failure counts.
  • Support /api/config show your YAML config.
  • Support store app stat to memory, Redis, BoltDB, BuntDB or LevelDB.
  • Support p12 or pem formtat of iOS certificate file.
  • Support /sys/stats show response time, status code count, etc.
  • Support for HTTP proxy to Google server (GCM).
  • Support retry send notification if server response is fail.