Generate distributed Go traces instantly for any application without code changes

  • rocket No need to replace existing monitoring tools – Odigos boosts current observability solutions by generating higher-quality data
  • technologist Language Agnostic Auto-instrumentation – Odigos detects the programming language of any applications and automatically instruments it accordingly
  • book Built with eBPF & OpenTelemetry – Applications are instrumented using well-known, battle-tested open source observability technologies
  • sparkles Auto-instrumentation for Go applications – Odigos leverages eBPF uniquely to instrument compiled languages without code changes
  • telescope Collector Management – Auto-scale collectors based on application usage. No need to deploy or configure complex pipelines


The easiest way to install Odigos is to use our Helm chart:

helm repo add odigos

helm install my-odigos odigos/odigos --namespace odigos-system --create-namespace

See the quickstart guide for more details and examples.

Supported Destinations

Supported Destinations

See file for a complete list of supported destinations and the available signals for every destination.

Can’t find the destination you need? Help us by following our quick adding new destination guide and submit a PR.