Modern & minimalistic load balancer for the –°loud era, #golang based For a long time all of us have been using “traditional” load balancers / proxies like nginx, haproxy, and others. But in modern world balancing become more and more flexible because of environment changes are made more often. Nodes behind load balancer are spawning and disappearing according to load and/or other requirements. Auto scaling […]

A #Golang tool for static analysis, unit testing, code review, generate code quality report

This is a tool that concurrently runs a whole bunch of those linters and normalizes their output to a report Supported linters unittest – Golang unit test status. deadcode – Finds unused code. gocyclo – Computes the cyclomatic complexity of functions. varcheck – Find unused global variables and constants. structcheck – Find unused struct […]

#MySQL replication topology management and HA @golang based

orchestrator is a golang based MySQL replication topology management and visualization tool, allowing for: Discovery Refactoring Recovery Auditing Supports Pseudo-GTID Datacenter/physical location awareness Maintenenace/downtime server states MySQL-Pool association Run as a service; orchestrator multi-service HA HTTP security/authentication methods Coupled with orchestrator-agent, seed new/corrupt instances Share This:

A fast TCP tunnel over HTTP in #golang

Chisel is a fast TCP tunnel, transported over HTTP. Single executable including both client and server. Written in Go ( #Golang ). Chisel is mainly useful for passing through firewalls, though it can also be used to provide a secure endpoint into your network. Chisel is very similar to crowbar though achieves much higher performance. […]

chasquid is an SMTP (email) server, written in #golang

chasquid is an SMTP (email) server. It aims to be easy to configure and maintain for a small mail server, at the expense of flexibility and functionality. It’s written in Go. Features Easy to configure, hard to mis-configure in ways that are harmful or insecure (e.g. no open relay, clear-text authentication, etc.). Tracking of […]

Gryffin from Yahoo, written in #golang: large scale web security scanning platform

Gryffin is a large scale web security scanning platform, written in Golang and by Yahoo. It is not yet another scanner. It was written to solve two specific problems with existing scanners: coverage and scale. Better coverage translates to fewer false negatives. Inherent scale-ability translates to capability of scanning, and supporting a large elastic […]

gh-ost: GitHub’s online schema migration for #MySQL, written in #golang gh-ost is a triggerless online schema migration solution for MySQL. It is testable and provides pausability, dynamic control/reconfiguration, auditing, and many operational perks. gh-ost produces a light workload on the master throughout the migration, decoupled from the existing workload on the migrated table. It has been designed, developed in golang, based on years of […]