#golang tool to modify struct field tags

Golang tool to modify/update field tags in structs. gomodifytags makes it easy to update, add or delete the tags in a struct field. You can easily add new tags, update existing tags (such as appending a new key, i.e: db, xml, etc..) or remove existing tags. It also allows you to add and remove tag options. It’s intended to […]

Fast way to deploy a restful api’s with #golang #postgresql and #redis

A fastway to deploy a restful golang api’s with Gin Framework with a structured project that defaults to PostgreSQL database and Redis as the session storage. https://github.com/Massad/gin-boilerplate Configured with go-gorp: Go Relational Persistence RedisStore: Gin middleware for session management with multi-backend support (currently cookie, Redis). Built-in CORS Middleware Feature PostgreSQL 9.6 JSON queries Unit test Share This:

Open-Falcon, a #golang based Distributed and High-Performance Monitoring System

Open-Falcon is a Distributed and High-Performance Monitoring System, opensource, written in Go. http://open-falcon.org/ https://github.com/open-falcon/falcon-plus Scalability Scalable monitoring system is necessary to support rapid business growth. Each module of Open-Falcon is super easy to scale horizontally.  Performance With RRA(Round Robin Archive) mechanism, the one-year history data of 100+ metrics could be returned in just one second.  High […]

Writing a Static Blog Generator in #golang

Cool Blog Post about writing a static blog generator with Go. https://zupzup.org/static-blog-generator-go/ A static-site-generator is a tool which, given some input (e.g. markdown) generates a fully static website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Code: https://github.com/zupzup/blog-generator Share This: