Get your daily Go injection

I’m working with Go Development for about 5 years and tweeting about Golang since Jan 2017. I tweet mainly about interesting open-source Go based apps, services, libraries, packages and tools and from time to time also about interesting Golang Articles and Tutorials. I will probably reach 6000 followers by Dec 2020 and if you are […]

Merge #golang with my personal Blog

After about 3 years posting #golang articles, mainly about interesting Go-based libraries and applications I decided to merge this blog into my new personal Blog ( ) The reasons are, that I want to focus my non-day-job time on my side projects: Kunvenu – The Social Marketing Team Center Boardengine – Run your own […]

Distributed, lock-free, self-hosted health checks and status pages. #golang based #monitoring

Checkup is distributed, lock-free, self-hosted health checks and status pages, written in Go. It features an elegant, minimalistic CLI and an idiomatic Go library. They are completely interoperable and their configuration is beautifully symmetric. Checkup was created by Matt Holt, author of the Caddy web server. It is maintained and sponsored by Sourcegraph. If […]

API Gateway and Management Platform enables you to control who accesses your API, when and how they access it. #golang

Tyk is a lightweight, open source API Gateway and Management Platform enables you to control who accesses your API, when they access it and how they access it. Tyk will also record detailed analytics on how your users are interacting with your API and when things go wrong. Written in Golang What is an […]

High-Performance Serverless event and data processing platform in #golang

Nuclio is a new serverless project, derived from iguazio’s elastic data life-cycle management service for high-performance events and data processing. You can use nuclio as a standalone binary (for example, for IoT devices), package it within a Docker container or integrate it with a container orchestrator like Kubernetes. nuclio is extremely fast. A single […]

#golang based tool for managing #Kubernetes charts

Helm is a tool for managing Kubernetes charts. Charts are packages of pre-configured Kubernetes resources. Use Helm to… Find and useĀ popular software packaged as Kubernetes charts Share your own applications as Kubernetes charts Create reproducible builds of your Kubernetes applications Intelligently manage your Kubernetes manifest files Manage releases of Helm packages Share This: