A personal information dashboard for your terminal, developed in #golang

WTF is a personal information dashboard for your terminal, developed in #golang for those who spend most of their day in the command line. https://wtfutil.com/ It provides a framework for rapidly viewing important at-a-glance information easily. Keep an eye on your OpsGenie schedules, Google Calendar, Git and Github repositories, and New Relicdeployments. See who’s away in BambooHR, which Jira tickets are assigned to you, and what time […]

Robust & Easy to use model mapper and utility methods for Go struct. #golang

go-model library provides handy methods to process struct with below highlighted features. It’s born from typical need while developing Go application or utility. https://github.com/jeevatkm/go-model Embedded/Anonymous struct Multi-level nested struct/map/slice Pointer and non-pointer within struct/map/slice Struct within map and slice Embedded/Anonymous struct fields appear in map at same level as represented by Go Interface within struct/map/slice Get struct field reflect.Kind by field […]

Distributed, scalable, durable, and highly available orchestration engine in #golang from Uber

Cadence is a distributed, scalable, durable, and highly available orchestration engine developed in Golang at Uber Engineering to execute asynchronous long-running business logic in a scalable and resilient way. https://github.com/uber/cadence Business logic is modeled as workflows and activities. Workflows are the implementation of coordination logic. Its sole purpose is to orchestrate activity executions. Activities are […]

Run your own OCR-as-a-Service using Tesseract and #Docker. #golang

OpenOCR makes it simple to host your own OCR REST API. https://github.com/tleyden/open-ocr Features Scalable message passing architecture via RabbitMQ. Platform independence via Docker containers. Kubernetes support: workers can run in a Kubernetes Replication Controller Supports 31 languages in addition to English Ability to use an image pre-processing chain. An example using Stroke Width Transform is provided. Pass […]

An HTTP router and reverse proxy for service composition from Zalando. #golang

Skipper is an HTTP router and reverse proxy for service composition. It’s designed to handle >100k HTTP route definitions with detailed lookup conditions, and flexible augmentation of the request flow with filters. It can be used out of the box or extended with custom lookup, filter logic and configuration sources. https://github.com/zalando/skipper   Main features: An […]

An open source orchestrator for distributed storage systems running in #Kubernetes , done in #golang

Rook turns distributed storage software into a self-managing, self-scaling, and self-healing storage services. It does this by automating deployment, bootstrapping, configuration, provisioning, scaling, upgrading, migration, disaster recovery, monitoring, and resource management. Rook uses the facilities provided by the underlying cloud-native container management, scheduling and orchestration platform to perform its duties. https://github.com/rook/rook/ Rook integrates deeply into […]