Tool to generate a #golang ORM tailored to a database schema

SQLBoiler is a tool to generate a Go ORM tailored to your database schema.

It is a “database-first” ORM as opposed to “code-first” (like gorm/gorp).

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Language-agnostic real-time messaging (Websockets or SockJS) server in #golang

Centrifugo is a real-time messaging server. It’s language-agnostic and can be used in conjunction with application backend written in any language – Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, Javascript, Java, Objective-C etc.

Centrifugo runs as separate service and keeps persistent Websocket or SockJS connections from your application clients (from web browsers or other environments like iOS or Android apps). When some event happens you can broadcast it to all interested clients using Centrifugo API.

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OK Log is a distributed and coordination-free log management system for big ol’ clusters – #golang

OK Log is a distributed and coördination-free log management system for big ol’ clusters.It’s an on-prem solution that’s designed to be a sort of building block: easy to understand, easy to operate, and easy to extend.

It’s an on-prem solution that’s designed to be a sort of building block: easy to understand, easy to operate, and easy to extend.

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Active Fork of Gogs, #golang based selfhosted Github/lab alternative

This is a very active Fork of Gogs, the Github/Gitlab alternative, selfhosted #golang application.

Changelog of the first work done after fork: 

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#golang push notification server ( #apns / #gcm )

Looking for a APNS/GCM push notification server ?

Gorush, writte in #golang,  features:

  • Support Google Cloud Message (Firebase Cloud Messaging now) using go-gcm library for Android.
  • Support HTTP/2 Apple Push Notification Service using apns2 library.
  • Support YAML configuration.
  • Support command line to send single Android or iOS notification.
  • Support Web API to send push notification.
  • Support graceful restart & zero downtime deploy using facebook grace.
  • Support HTTP/2 or HTTP/1.1 protocol.
  • Support notification queue and multiple workers.
  • Support /api/stat/app show notification success and failure counts.
  • Support /api/config show your YAML config.
  • Support store app stat to memory, Redis, BoltDB, BuntDB or LevelDB.
  • Support p12 or pem formtat of iOS certificate file.
  • Support /sys/stats show response time, status code count, etc.
  • Support for HTTP proxy to Google server (GCM).
  • Support retry send notification if server response is fail.

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#golang based Self-hosted Localization Management Platform

Interesting new project to handle localizations with export to various formats. Available formats: keyvaluejson, po, strings, properties, xmlproperties, android, php, xlsx and csv .

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Interesting Apps based on #Golang

Heard a lot about #Golang the last months, but don’t know, who/what projects are using it ?
Take a look on this overview on some important projects based on Go:

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Manage #Docker containers and images #golang based

Dry is a #golang based terminal application to manage Docker containers and images.

It aims to be an alternative to the official Docker CLI when it is needed to repeatedly execute commands on existing containers and images, and also as a tool to monitor Docker containers from a terminal.

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Helpfully Utility Lib for #golang

go-funk is a modern Go utility library which provides helpers (map, find, contains, filter, …)

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Golang Blog Started – #Golang

Yeah, another Golang Blog. And not from a #Golang Crack… stay prepared 😉

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