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An opinionated template for new Golang CLI projects.

An opinionated template for new Golang CLI projects

This golang CLI template includes the base of a cobra cli tested with testify and codecov. The release process with goreleaser and contains a basic secured Docker image.

The whole thing is documented with MkDocs and templated with go-archetype.

For more information please have a look at the features section of the documentation.

Getting started

Please find all the required information on the getting stared section of the documentation.

Greetings on Pull Requests and Issues

This repository includes greetings on Pull Requests and Issues. By default the comment will be added by the github-actions bot. If you want to customize it, add a TAP_GITHUB_TOKEN secret containing a personal access token of the user or organization you want the comment from.


The logo is based on the create-go-app. Please find all information here.


You can install the pre-compiled binary (in several ways), use Docker or compile from source (when on OSS).

Below you can find the steps for each of them.

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