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An open source, enterprise-grade, high-performance Web Application Firewall written in Golang

Golang Firewall

Coraza is an open source, enterprise-grade, high performance Web Application Firewall (WAF) ready to protect your beloved applications. It written in Go, supports ModSecurity SecLang rulesets and is 100% compatible with the OWASP Core Rule Set.

Key Features:


The Coraza Project maintains implementations and plugins for the following servers:



Prerequisites ( Golang and Linux )

Coraza open-source project Core Usage

Coraza can be used as a library for your Go program to implement a security middleware or integrate it with existing application & webservers.

package main

import (

func main() {
	// First we initialize our waf and our seclang parser
	waf, err := coraza.NewWAF(coraza.NewWAFConfig().
		WithDirectives(`SecRule REMOTE_ADDR "@rx .*" "id:1,phase:1,deny,status:403"`))
	// Now we parse our rules
	if err != nil {

	// Then we create a transaction and assign some variables
    tx := waf.NewTransaction()
	defer func() {
	tx.ProcessConnection("", 8080, "", 12345)

	// Finally we process the request headers phase, which may return an interruption
	if it := tx.ProcessRequestHeaders(); it != nil {
		fmt.Printf("Transaction was interrupted with status %d\n", it.Status)

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