An example Event-Driven Application written in Golang

An example Event-Driven application written in Go, using the Golang library Watermill.

The project aims to integrate incoming GitHub webhooks with Slack and Grafana, adding annotations and sending messages when a new commit is pushed. There are also simulated deployment messages sent over RabbitMQ to demonstrate working with multiple event streams.

A result can look like this:

Running the Golang Project

If you’d like to integrate the example with your Slack workspace, copy .env-example to .env and fill in the webhook URL in SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL variable.

In addition to the application, the docker-compose environment consists of:

  • Kafka and ZooKeeper
  • Grafana
  • Prometheus
  • RabbitMQ

The whole environment can be run with:

docker-compose up

Now you can configure your GitHub repository to send webhooks to the application (you need to expose port 8080 to the external network first).

Alternatively, you can run ./scripts/ to send some stub webhooks.

Visit localhost:3000/d/webhooks to see annotations added in Grafana. Use admin:secret as credentials.

Metrics for the Golang Service

Access the Dashboard at localhost:3000/d/watermill. See what changes when you send more webhooks over time.