A website screenshot utility written in Golang

gowitness is a website screenshot utility written in Golang, that uses Chrome Headless to generate screenshots of web interfaces using the command line, with a handy report viewer to process results. Both Linux and macOS are supported, with Windows support primarily working.

Inspiration for gowitness comes from Eyewitness. If you want something with many extra features, check it out with these other projects.

Golang Screenshot Application Features

The primary of purpose that gowitness serves is to take screenshots of websites and do that well. As such, gowitness has many ways to be told how to take a screenshot.

That include:

  • Taking a single screenshot with the single command
  • Scanning a network CIDR (or many) with the scan command
  • Parsing an Nmap file for target information with the nmap command
  • Accepting URL’s submitted via web service with the server command (perfect for integration with other tools)
  • Taking screenshots from a text file (or read via stdin) with the file command

In addition, gowitness can be configured in many ways.

Go Screenshot Utility Documentation

Please refer to the wiki for the full installation information and other documentation.

Golang Source Code