A pure Golang, cross-platform, MIT-licensed UI toolkit for developers

duit is a pure Golang (*), cross platform, MIT-licensed ui toolkit for developers. the api is small and uncomplicated.

duit works on the bsd’s, linux and macos. it should be easy to get running on plan 9. for now, use the windows subsystem for linux on windows.

(*) duit currently needs a helper tool called devdraw, from plan9port (aka plan 9 from user space). plan9port is available for most unix systems, with devdraw in an x11 and native macos variant.


setting this up currently requires some effort:

  • install plan9port, see https://9fans.github.io/plan9port/ (use their install instructions)
  • install a nice font. i use & recommend lato for a modern look. duit will automatically pick it up through $font (through plan9port’s fontsrv), e.g.: export font=/mnt/font/Lato-Regular/15a/font

you should now be able to run the code in examples/

devdraw is not yet available as a native binary for windows. for now, use the windows subsystem for linux (ubuntu) on windows along with Xming. see https://github.com/elrzn/acme-wsl for instructions.

created with duit

see https://github.com/mjl- for applications. applications created with duit by other developers:

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