A Golang Tutorial about a standard project structure with gRPC, SQL, and Dependency Injection

Golang gRPC Tutorial

As a passionate about scalable project structure with a robust NestJS background, when I began working with Go, I missed some of the default features of this framework, like configuration module, global services, database connection, dependencies injections, etc., so I asked myself if a can apply the same techniques in Golang without any framework and the simplicity of Go… and I got it!

Welcome to the first article of this series. Take a cafe because here we go!

We are going to create a basic login gRPC API, and when you finish, you will know how

Standard gRPC API features are implemented in Golang


Server Configuration and start gRPC server:

  • Protocol Buffer with Buf and Makefile
  • Golang Server configuration with Viper
  • Start gRPC server

Database and common project structure:

  • Use GORM to connect to Postgres and migrate your models
  • Use Wire to manage dependencies
  • Create project structure gRPC -> Service -> Repository -> DAO

Basic login gRPC API with JWT and Evans CLI :

  • Implement user creation
  • Use Evans CLI client for user creation
  • Implements Hash/Check Password

gRPC interceptors, global services, and private/public RPC methods guarded with JWT:

  • Implement interceptors(Authorization interceptor & logging interceptor)
  • Register public and private gRPC methods with interceptors
  • Implements method service + JWT for guard gRPC method
  • Create a global service in using context

Protocol Buffer, Configuration, and start Golang gRPC server

We are going to start with Protocol Buffer with Buf and Makefile for automatization

Create the project folder workspace:

$ mkdir logic_grpc && cd logic_grpc

Install protocol buffer compiler protochere for more details

$ brew install protobuf
$ protoc --version # Ensure compiler version is 3+

Install Golang gRPC compiler plugins

$ go install google.golang.org/protobuf/cmd/[email protected]
$ go install google.golang.org/grpc/cmd/[email protected]

Update your PATH so that the protoc compiler can find the plugins:

$ export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin"

Nice! now let’s define our protocol buffer file. Create a folder at the root level called api, and inside the folder, create a file named auth.proto and paste the following code.

The complete Golang Tutorial: