A #Golang tool for static analysis, unit testing, code review, generate code quality report

This is a tool that concurrently runs a whole bunch of those linters and normalizes their output to a report


Supported linters

  • unittest – Golang unit test status.
  • deadcode – Finds unused code.
  • gocyclo – Computes the cyclomatic complexity of functions.
  • varcheck – Find unused global variables and constants.
  • structcheck – Find unused struct fields.
  • aligncheck – Warn about un-optimally aligned structures.
  • errcheck – Check that error return values are used.
  • copycode(dupl) – Reports potentially duplicated code.
  • gosimple – Report simplifications in code.
  • staticcheck – Statically detect bugs, both obvious and subtle ones.
  • godepgraph – Godepgraph is a program for generating a dependency graph of Go packages.
  • misspell – Correct commonly misspelled English words… quickly.