A Golang-based, scalable, high-performance, high availability distributed time series database

open-source Time Series Database

LinDB is an open-source Time Series Database that

Admin UI

Some admin ui snapshots.



Monitoring Dashboard


Replication State


Data Explore





Contributions are welcomed and greatly appreciated. See CONTRIBUTING for details on submitting patches and the contribution workflow.


Pull requests should be appropriately labeled, and linked to any relevant bug or feature tracking issues. All pull requests will run through GITHUB-Actions. Community contributors should be able to see the outcome of this process by looking at the checks on their PR and fix the build errors.

Static Analysis

This project uses the following linters. Failure during the running of any of these tools results in a failed build. Generally, code must be adjusted to satisfy these tools.

  • gofmt – Gofmt checks whether code was gofmt-ed. By default this tool runs with -s option to check for code simplification;
  • golint – Golint differs from gofmt. Gofmt reformats Go source code, whereas golint prints out style mistakes;
  • goimports – Goimports does everything that gofmt does. Additionally it checks unused imports;
  • errcheck – Errcheck is a program for checking for unchecked errors in go programs. These unchecked errors can be critical bugs in some cases;
  • gocyclo – Computes and checks the cyclomatic complexity of functions;
  • maligned – Tool to detect Go structs that would take less memory if their fields were sorted;
  • dupl – Tool for code clone detection;
  • goconst – Finds repeated strings that could be replaced by a constant;
  • gocritic – The most opinionated Go source code linter;

provides high performance, high availability and horizontal scalability.