A Golang based open-source, self-hosted feature flag application

Flipt is an open-source, self-hosted feature flag application that allows you to run experiments across services in your environment.

Flipt can be deployed within your existing infrastructure so that you don’t have to worry about your information being sent to a third party or the latency required to communicate across the internet.


Flipt supports use cases such as:

  • Enabling trunk-based development workflows
  • Testing new features internally during development before releasing them fully in production
  • Ensuring overall system safety by guarding new releases with an emergency kill switch
  • Gating certain features for different permission levels allowing you to control who sees what
  • Enabling continuous configuration by changing values during runtime without additional deployments


Flipt Console
  • Fast. Written in Go. Optimized for performance
  • Stand alone, easy to run and configure
  • Ability to create advanced distribution rules to target segments of users
  • Native GRPC client SDKs to integrate with your existing applications easily
  • Powerful REST API
  • Modern, mobile-friendly iphone UI and debug console
  • Support for multiple databases (Postgres, MySQL, SQLite, CockroachDB)
  • Data import and export to allow storing your data as code
  • Cloud-ready cloud. Runs anywhere: bare metal, PaaS, K8s, with Docker or without.


  • lock Security – HTTPS support. OIDC and Static Token authentication. No data leaves your servers and you don’t have to open your systems to the outside world to communicate with Flipt. It all runs within your existing infrastructure.
  • rocket Speed – Since Flipt is co-located with your existing services, you do not have to communicate across the internet which can add excessive latency and slow down your applications.
  • white_check_mark Simplicity – Flipt is a single binary with no external dependencies by default.
  • +1 Compatibility – REST, GRPC, MySQL, Postgres, CockroachDB, SQLite, Redis… Flipt supports it all.
  • eyes Observability – Flipt integrates with Prometheus and OpenTelemetry to provide metrics and tracing. We support sending trace data to JaegerZipkin, and OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP) backends.