A Golang based Open-Source Low-Code Platform.

The Golang – based Corteza server is the back-end of the Corteza ecosystem. The core logic is written in GO, using go-chi for the routing. External communication occurs via the REST API and web sockets; internal communication happens via gRPC.

Non-binary data is handled by the store layer and stored inside a database; currently MySQL and PostgreSQL. We will add support for additional databases in the future. Binary data is handled locally or on a supported cloud provider using MinIO.

Corteza is the only 100% freeopen-sourcestandardized, and enterprise-grade Low-code platform.

With the Golang-based Corteza, you can quickly build scalable cloud applications that are integrable with external services and accessible (WCAG 2.1).

Core features:

  • quick setup,
  • flexible and intuitive low-code configuration,
  • powerful automation system using workflows and automation scripts,
  • flexible reporting capabilities,
  • secure RBAC access control system.

Online demo

You can check out Corteza online by creating an account on our community instance https://latest.cortezaproject.org.