A golang-based no-code API testing platform

Convert API calls from any source to Test-Case with this golang project: Keploy captures all the API calls and subsequent network traffic served by the application. You can use any existing API management tools like Postman, Hoppscotch, Curl to generate test-case.

  • Safely Replays all CRUD operations
  • Automatically Mocks Dependencies

Native interoperability with popular testing libraries like go-test.

Code coverage will be reported with existing and Keploy recorded test cases and can also be integrated in CI pipelines/infrastructure.

Generate Test Case from API call

Other Features

  • Statistical deduplication ensures that redundant testcases are not generated. WIP (ref #27).
  • Accurate Noise Detection in responses like (timestamps, and random values) to ensure high-quality tests.
  • Web Console to visually understand the results, update behavior and share findings across your team.

How the golang based testing works?

How it works

Keploy is added as a golang middleware to your application that captures and replays all network interactions served to the application from any source