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A comprehensive security solution for Go-based web applications

teler-waf is a comprehensive security solution for Go-based web applications. It acts as an HTTP middleware, providing an easy-to-use interface for integrating IDS functionality with teler IDS into existing Go applications. By using teler-waf, you can help protect against a variety of web-based attacks, such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection.

The package comes with a standard net/http.Handler, making it easy to integrate into your application’s routing. When a client makes a request to a route protected by teler-waf, the request is first checked against the teler IDS to detect known malicious patterns. If no malicious patterns are detected, the request is then passed through for further processing.

In addition to providing protection against web-based attacks, teler-waf can also help improve the overall security and integrity of your application. It is highly configurable, allowing you to tailor it to fit the specific needs of your application.

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Some core features of teler-waf include:

Overall, teler-waf provides a comprehensive security solution for Go-based web applications, helping protect against web-based attacks and improve your application’s overall security and integrity.


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