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A cloud-native Golang microservices framework

go-zero (listed in CNCF Landscape: is a web and RPC framework with many built-in engineering practices. It was born to ensure the stability of the busy services with resilience design and has been serving sites with tens of millions of users for years.

go-zero contains simple API description syntax and a code generation tool called goctl. You can generate Go, iOS, Android, Kotlin, Dart, TypeScript, and JavaScript from .api files with goctl.

Advantages of the Golang microservice framework go-zero:

1. Backgrounds of the Golang Microservice Framework go-zero

At the beginning of 2018, we decided to re-design our system, from monolithic architecture with Java+MongoDB to microservice architecture. After research and comparison, we chose to:

2. The Golang implementation and features of go-zero

go-zero is a web and RPC framework that integrates lots of engineering practices. The features are mainly listed below:

3. Design considerations of the Go Framework go-zero

By designing the microservice architecture, we expected to ensure stability and productivity. And from just the beginning, we have the following design principles:

After almost half a year, we finished the transfer from a monolithic system to microservice system and deployed on August 2018. The new system guaranteed business growth and system stability.

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