A CLI Tool for Building Golang Applications

If you’re a Golang developer, you know how important having a reliable and efficient application scaffold is. That’s where Nunu comes in. Named after a character in League of Legends, Nunu is a CLI tool that helps you quickly build a Golang application using popular libraries in the Golang ecosystem.

Github: https://github.com/go-nunu/nunu


Nunu comes with several features that make it a great choice for building Golang applications:

– Gin: A popular HTTP web framework
– Gorm: A powerful ORM library
– Wire: A dependency injection framework
– Viper: A configuration management library
– Zap: A logging library
– Golang-jwt: A JWT library
– Go-redis: A Redis client library
– Testify: A testing library
– Sonyflake: A distributed unique ID generator
– robfig-cron: A cron library

And more…


Nunu offers several benefits that make it a great choice for building Golang applications:

– Low learning cost and customization: Nunu encapsulates popular Golang libraries, making it easy to customize your application to meet specific needs.
– High performance and scalability: Nunu uses the latest technology and best practices to ensure your application can handle high traffic and large amounts of data.
– Secure and reliable: Nunu uses stable and reliable third-party libraries to ensure the security and reliability of your application.
– Modular and extensible: Nunu is designed to be modular and extensible, allowing you to add new features and functionality easily.
– Complete documentation and testing: Nunu provides comprehensive documentation and examples to help you start quickly. It also includes a set of test suites to ensure that your application works as expected.


Nunu adopts the classic layered architecture and uses the dependency injection framework Wire to achieve modularity and decoupling.